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August 2009

26 August 2009: If you tried to visit Solitary Elegance today, you were probably greeted with a nasty “Access Denied” page. Our web hosting service determined our account was overloading their servers, shut us down, then apparently took a lunch break, so we couldn’t get access to our files to try and fix whatever was wrong until late this afternoon. We think the problem may be a combination of spammer bots and other sites hotlinking to our images. To that end, we'll be checking our access logs, comparing them with the other visitor data, and banning IP addresses as necessary. And please don't hotlink to Solitary Elegance's images on your own blog, message board, or site!

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please bear with us while we come up with a good solution to this problem. If your IP address is banned by mistake, send us an email and we’ll take you off our Bad List.

February 2009

18 February 2009: Many thanks to Mr. Nobby Dimon for sharing a poster from his 2001 Northanger Abbey stage play, performed by the North Country Theatre. The poster reads, "Social satire & nice frocks. How delightful!" We heartily agree!

Solitary Elegance also reached a milestone of sorts earlier this week, passing the 50,000 visitor mark. Thanks to all of you for your support and interest.

10 February 2009: Interested in learning more about Crystallised Beauty, the theme music for ITV's 2007 Jane Austen season trailer? Visit

Philip Sheppard's web site to read a history of the piece and listen to the not often heard full-length version. The sheet music is also available as a free download from his site. Thanks to Mr. Sheppard as always for keeping us informed!

Wishbone as Mr. Darcy

Good news for fans of the Wishbone Jane Austen episodes! The award-winning children's television show is being rebroadcast on select PBS stations. Furst Impressions (the Pride and Prejudice episode) has aired several times since Summer 2007. The second season is now being broadcast; Pup Fiction (the Northanger Abbey episode) was first broadcast in November 2007 in some areas.

Check your local PBS listings or enter a ZIP code into the

PBS Kids TV Times locator to find out if and when Wishbone will be shown in your area.

February 2008

It's time to watch PBS Masterpiece Theatre's Complete Jane Austen series! Visit the Masterpiece Theatre web site to watch a sneak preview, download teacher and book group guides, and sign up to win a complete set of Jane Austen's novels. Then, join in the discussion at

Remotely Connected as a group of guest bloggers review the films. The program schedule is as follows:

Region 1 DVD covers

Region 1 DVD Release Dates:
Available directly from PBS or from the following vendors:

Northanger Abbey: 22 January (Amazon.com , WGBH)

Mansfield Park: 29 January (Amazon.com , WGBH)

Persuasion: 15 January (Amazon.com); 12 February ( WGBH)

Sense and Sensibility: 1 March (WGBH)








Housekeeping: To make room for the news and reviews of Masterpiece Theatre's broadcast of Northanger Abbey, the January-March 2007 articles about the ITV broadcast can now be found in the NA news archives.

January 2008

Solitary Elegance, on pleasure bent again

Solitary Elegance is packing up the writing-desk from 12-21 January for some much needed sunshine, sand, surf, and shave ice.

We have been informed that our lodgings are “wireless” so as long as that amenity is compatible with quills and ink, we anticipate keeping up with correspondence and news as lazing on the beach conditions permit. Thanks for your patience.

October 2007

31 October 2007: From a CNW Press Release and TVO's December Highlights: TVOntario (TVO) will broadcast the three new ITV Austen films in December 2007. All three shows air Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m.:

On pleasure bent again Attending this year's JASNA Annual General Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia? This year's theme is “Discovering Emma in Vancouver” and the meeting runs 5-7 October. Hope to see you there!

September 2007

10 September 2007: See the Salisbury Theatre's production of Northanger Abbey at the following locations:

Salisbury Theatre produces Tim Luscombe's adaptation of Northanger Abbey

Read the reviews: The Stage , Telegraph.co.uk , Salisbury Journal , Gazette and Herald (Wiltshire) , British Theatre Guide , East Anglian Daily Times , North Devon Journal , New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich reviews .

August 2007

7 August 2007: Illustrations from an 1895 edition of Northanger Abbey and a 1968 paperback cover have been added to the miscellaneous NA illustrations page.

2 August 2007: Good news for Jane Austen fans in Eastern Europe:

Granada International has sold drama packages including the Jane Austen Season to TVP in Poland, ProTV Romania, and STV in Slovakia.

July 2007

26 July 2007: Masterpiece Theatre has set up a front page, including a sneak preview clip for their

Complete Jane Austen series. This collection of classic and new adaptations for all six novels begins 13 January 2008 and includes:

22 July 2007: It's Solitary Elegance's first anniversary! The site has had nearly 19,000 visitors since launching last July; a small number by Internet standards, but far more than I thought possible. I continue to be surprised and a little awed by the number and variety of visitors. My thanks, as always, to all of you for your information, assistance, and kind words! I hope that you find the illustrations and other information as enjoyable and useful as I have.

By way of celebration, here are a few additions:

June 2007

Wishbone as Mr. Darcy

18 June 2007: Good news for fans of the Wishbone Jane Austen episodes! The award-winning children's television show is being rebroadcast on select PBS stations. We have learned that Furst Impressions (the Pride and Prejudice episode) will air as early as 25 June in some areas; our station will show it 29 July.

ETA 30 August: The PBS stations appear to be repeating Wishbone's first season, so viewers have more chances to watch Furst Impressions! We hope the second season, including Pup Fiction (the Northanger Abbey episode), will also be rebroadcast.

Check your local PBS listings or enter a ZIP code into the

PBS Kids TV Times locator to find out if and when Wishbone will be shown in your area.

13 June 2007: Here's my Gothic Classics review for AustenBlog.

1 June 2007: A new gallery of Northanger Abbey illustrations has been added. These illustrations come from various 20th-century editions.

Speaking of illustrations, we're very excited about this press release from Graphic Classics:

Graphic Classics vol. 14


Eureka Productions is pleased to announce the publication of GOTHIC CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume Fourteen, an all-new graphic novel.

GOTHIC CLASSICS is the third multi-author anthology in the GRAPHIC CLASSICS series of adaptations of great literature. The book presents Ann Radcliffe's archetypal gothic novel The Mysteries of Udolpho, adapted by Antonella Caputo and Carlo Vergara. Plus Jane Austen's gothic parody Northanger Abbey, by Trina Robbins and Anne Timmons, and Poe's The Oval Portrait, by Malaysian illustrator Leong Wan Kok. Also At the Gate, a canine ghost story by Myla Jo Closser, illustrated by Shary Flenniken, and J. Sheridan Le Fanu's great vampire tale Carmilla, by Rod Lott and Lisa K. Weber. With a dramatic cover painting from Carmilla by Lisa K. Weber.

GOTHIC CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume Fourteen is available in bookstores, comics shops, or direct from the publisher at


GOTHIC CLASSICS: Graphic Classics Volume Fourteen
Edited by Tom Pomplun
Published May 2007, Eureka Productions
Distributed by Diamond Book Distributors
(ISBN13/978-0-9787919-0-2) (ISBN-10/0-9787919-0-8)
144 pgs, 7 x 10", paperback, b&w, 4c cover, $11.95

May 2007

21 May 2007: USA and Canada viewers will be able to watch a set of six Austen adaptations on PBS in January 2008. This four-month marathon, called “The Complete Jane Austen”, will include the following films:

10 May 2007: The Northanger Abbey 2007 cast page has been updated to show the actors in character, plus a few smaller roles have been added.

April 2007

24 April 2007 : A set of six tinted line drawings by Henry Matthew (“H.M.”) Brock has been added to the Persuasion illustrations page. Thanks to Mandy N. for sharing her collection.

March 2007

28 March 2007: Good news for Crystallised Beauty fans — Philip Sheppard, composer of the ITV Jane Austen season theme music, writes to inform that Crystallised Beauty is now available in

his MySpace profile, so you may link or add it to your own pages if you wish. The sheet music is being prepared and will also be available from his web site as a free PDF. Last, an iTunes release for the whole set of ten piano pieces is in progress, release date to be announced. Thanks for the update!

25 March 2007: As always, new reviews, articles and photos pertaining to Northanger Abbey will be listed on the NA Adaptations page. New links include reviews from the Guardian Online, Times Online and Telegraph and advance reviews from TV Scoop, Radio Times and the Hollywood Reporter.

19 March 2007: This morning Solitary Elegance received visitor #10,000! Not too bad for this quiet little site. Thank you all for your interest and support!

11 March 2007:

ITV's official Jane Austen Season web site is now operational. View short clips from the films and the upcoming behind-the-scenes look at the Austen Season (airing 1 April on ITV3 view the trailer for this program series), see screencaps, download wallpapers, and more. Plenty to explore and enjoy on this nicely done promotional web site.

10 March 2007:

BBC Newsnight Review discusses ITV's Jane Austen Season. Click on the Latest Programme button to view clips and discussion of Mansfield Park and Northanger Abbey.

6 March 2007: Air dates for the ITV1 Jane Austen Season are as follows:

The Jane Austen Season begins 18 March
  • Mansfield Park ..... 18 March
  • Northanger Abbey ..... 25 March
  • Persuasion ..... 1 April
  • Emma (1997) ..... 8 April

Visit Classic FM for podcasts and audiobooks related to the Jane Austen season.

6 March 2007, ETA 17 March:
Region 2 DVD release dates for the ITV1 Jane Austen films are as follows:

Region 2 DVD covers Mansfield Park: 19 March (Amazon.uk , Play.com)

Northanger Abbey: 26 March (Amazon.uk , Play.com)

Persuasion: 2 April (Amazon.uk , Play.com)

6 March 2007: Many visitors have asked about the music in the ITV1 Jane Austen season trailer. This is royalty-free production music, created for use in film, video, and other multimedia work.

Title: Crystallised Beauty
Composer: Phillip Sheppard
Publisher: Marlowlynn/Chappell Recorded Music Library
Disc: Pure Piano (CHAP309)
Label: BMG Zomba

To listen to Crystallised Beauty at BMG Zomba's web site:

ETA 15 March: Our post caught the attention of the composer! Please visit Mr. Sheppard's web site and MySpace Music page to listen to more of his compositions, view his concert schedule, learn about other films in which his music features, and more. Anybody who is interested in getting a copy of Crystallised Beauty may contact him through those sites and he will try to get the track to them if possible.

Thanks to ITV1 for providing the title, composer, and publisher information, and many thanks to Mr. Phillip Sheppard for contacting us!

February 2007

28 February 2007: Visit

ITV's official Jane Austen Season web site. For now, only the trailer is available, but after 12 March the site promises much more content.

The Jane Austen Season on ITV1 23 February 2007: Trailers! Download the new ITV1 Jane Austen Season preview trailer (.wmv file; courtesy of The Guardian).
See also ITV Media's web site for an abbreviated and rearranged version of the trailer, plus brief synopses of the four films.
The original teaser trailer is still available through ITV Media's main page (click on ITV1 Winter Highlights).

22 February 2007: The ITV1 teaser trailer link has been changed and will probably be removed once the new ads are released. To see the trailer one last time, visit

ITV Media's main page, then click on ITV1 Winter Highlights.

16 February 2007: Now that ITV's Austen Season has had its advance screening, several articles and photos will be released over the next few weeks. I will try to keep up with all the latest news by posting links on the NA Adaptations page , so check it for updates.

15 February 2007:

The Independent announces ITV's Austen Season, airing Sunday evenings starting in mid-March on ITV1. Since we have a general idea of the Region 2 DVD release dates, we feel fairly safe guessing that the films will be broadcast before then.

7 February 2007:

The Independent visits the Northanger Abbey set and speaks with Felicity Jones and JJ Feild. (Spoiler warning)

January 2007

6 January 2007: See the teaser trailer for

Winter on ITV-1. Includes several shots of Felicity Jones as Catherine and JJ Feild as Henry in the upcoming Northanger Abbey.


The Observer lists the order of the March Austen season as: Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Emma (this is a repeat) and Northanger Abbey.

1 January 2007: Happy New Year! According to

The Sun, ITV's Austen Season begins in March with Mansfield Park.

December 2006

17 December 2006: Now on YouTube: See a preview of ITV's winter dramas, including glimpses of the upcoming Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion films. Still no confirmed broadcast dates for ITV, but they will be shown in the USA on Masterpiece Theatre in November, 2007.

November 2006

29 November 2006: Courtesy of AustenBlog, we have two photos taken 24 August during shooting on the edge of a lake in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow. Those fortunate enough to have seen the WENN photos will notice these are similar, but taken from a different angle. Click on the small photos below for larger images, and here are closer looks at the actors (closeup #1, closeup #2).
NA2 photo #1
NA2 photo #2

26 November 2006: The play at Theater Ten Ten was fantastic — every bit as agreeable as I had already given it credit for being. Read my complete review.

15 November 2006: A set of six tinted line drawings by Henry Matthew (“H.M.”) Brock has been added to the Northanger Abbey illustrations page and a set of forty line drawings by Hugh Thomson has been added to the Emma illustrations page. Thanks to Mandy N. for sharing her collection!

14 November 2006: More reviews! “Austen and Radcliffe fans and newcomers alike should find 1010’s Northanger Abbey a truly captivating place to visit.” (

OOBR) A vibrant interpretation of a classic.” (offoffonline)

October 2006

Eleanor, Catherine, and Henry  

27 October 2006: Read Michael Criscuolo's review on nytheatre.com: “It is a superb piece of theatre that will reward all comers who are tuned into its timeless gentility.”

My copy of Playing with Canons arrived last week, and while I'll wait to see the play before posting my complete comments, I will say it's a delight to read. The blend of Northanger Abbey with The Mysteries of Udolpho is especially thorough and well-executed. If you have the opportunity to see this play, don't miss it! I'm impatiently counting down the days until my November trip. Click on the left-hand image to see a larger production still from Theater Ten Ten.

Northanger Abbey at Theater Ten Ten

3 October 2006: Theater Ten Ten has issued their press release for the upcoming production, Northanger Abbey: A Romantic Gothic Comedy. This play will run 20 October — 19 November, 2006. More information is available on the adaptations page. Reviews and photos from past performances can be found in the gallery.

Order Playing with Canons, the stage play anthology featuring Northanger Abbey: A Romantic Gothic Comedy. There will also be a release party for the anthology later this month.

September 2006

22 September 2006: The Sense and Sensibility illustrations page has a new link to Jan's beautiful Austen in Devon web site. Enjoy!

15 September 2006: Thanks to the Jane Austen Centre for the link in this month's newsletter, and welcome to all the new visitors! I hope you like the cast page, and feel welcome to have a look around the rest of the site.

7 September 2006: WENN has the first NA2 production photos! (See the adaptations page for the link and location information.) Internet publication of these photos is not permitted, so for now, the only way to see them is through WENN. If the first click on the link goes to WENN's main page, try the link a second time.
ETA 23 October: The WENN images are no longer available.

Courtesy of AustenBlog and Lynn Marie Macy, there is a new photo gallery for the 2000 and 2003 productions of Ms. Macy's stage play.

The overlapping type problem on the adaptations page seems to be fixed (finally!), making the page more IE browser-friendly.

5 September 2006: New article on adaptations page describing the NA2 shoot. As of last Friday, the production team was filming at

Ardbraccan House, outside Navan.

August 2006

27 August 2006: Added a gallery of press cuttings, a program, and photographs from 1950 and 1954 performances of Constance Cox's NA stage play. These images were provided by the University of Glasgow's Special Collections.

Also, not exactly something new, but in the spirit of reorganization, the NA2 articles have been sorted into a current unofficial press room and archives. Laura Diann's

excellent source of NA2 information is merging with our collection of news articles, bringing NA2's script to screen journey into one location.

A clickable index by author has also been added to the top of the adaptations page.

23 August 2006: NA2 has an

IMDB page!
ETA 27 August: The cast list and a few other details have been added to the IMDB page.

Honorable Mention, Gloria Film Festival  
On a personal note, I'm delighted to report that my own NA modernization, a feature length screenplay titled Northanger Ranch, received an Honorable Mention at the 2006 Gloria Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Out of 33 official festival selections, seven were chosen for recognition: the Original winner, Adapted winner, and five Honorable Mentions. Here's the original sample scene posted back in May when the official selections were made.

17 August 2006: We've triumphed over our technical difficulties (for the time being) to bring you an updated NA2 cast page. We apologize for the delay.

Solitary Elegance heads out on vacation

Solitary Elegance is packing up the writing-desk from 15—22 August for a week in the country.

We have been informed that our lodgings are “wireless” so as long as that amenity is compatible with quills and ink, we anticipate keeping up with correspondence as conditions permit. NA2 news, if any, may be a little slow to appear on the site, especially if the previous night's ball runs late or we overindulge on the local ices.

10 August 2006: A set of ten tinted line drawings by C.E. Brock has been added to the Emma illustrations page. Thanks to Reeba for sharing her 1898 edition!

AustenBlog reports that the award-winning NA stage play adapted by Lynn Marie Macy will be performed at Theater Ten Ten in New York City from 20 October through 19 November, 2006.

7 August 2006:

WGBH, the USA public television station, has been kind enough to confirm that the new films of Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion (all currently in various stages of production) are scheduled to air as part of the Masterpiece Theatre series in November 2007 as part of a Jane Austen festival . This is wonderful news for American fans of Jane Austen and we thank WGBH for sharing this information.

1 August 2006: I've added an NA2 Cast Gallery. It's a quick reference guide including photos and links to the actors' IMDB and official web pages.

At some time in the early morning hours of 31 July, Solitary Elegance received visitor #1,000! Wow! Thanks to all the visitors, and I hope you find this resource useful.

July 2006

26 July 2006: For NA1 fans and the NA1-curious, an unofficial copy of the movie screenplay is now available on the adaptations page. Thanks to Mandy N. for sharing this script!

Links to new press releases tracking NA2's progress have also been added, as well as a developing crew and cast list. There also seems to be a scenic route to the NA2 cast page; don't know how that got here ...

24 July 2006: Hmm. Looks like Stumbling Fool (blog host) is out of service. Again. And I know the SF gang are out of town for the next few weeks. With that in mind: the blog

has just gone outside and may be some time.
8 August 2006 ETA: Blog back online again. Happy day!

21 July 2006: Welcome to Solitary Elegance! So far, none of the images, pages, etc. appear to have been lost or broken in the move. The old Comcast pages have all been re-directed to this site ... or at least, they should be.

In addition to the new name and URL, the site's newest feature is the set of C.E. Brock's 24 watercolor illustrations for Mansfield Park.

Direct correspondence to comments at solitary-elegance dot com

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