Costume suggestions from Duologues and Scenes from the Novels of Jane Austen
by Rosina Filippi, 1895.
Illustrations by Miss Margaret Fletcher.

Miss Rosina Filippi was a Victorian actress and the first person to adapt Jane Austen's novels for the stage. Her book features seven vignettes from Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice. More information is available on my NA Adaptations page .

Miss Filippi's general notes on costumes for ladies and gentlemen
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Sense and Sensibility
The Settlement Question
Mr. and Mrs. John Dashwood

Mrs. D. Black dress with a Spanish vest trimmed with narrow black velvet; pointed ends in front, finished with black tassels. Skirt trimmed with black ermine velvet to match white ermine opera tippet.

Mr. D. In grey and black.

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Solitary Elegance
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